Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Gene Simmons (KISS) Asserts Rationality, Evidence and Law

Gene Simmons Talks Sexual Harassment

During an interview with CBSPhilly.com last week, we addressed the topic of sexual harassment with Simmons after reports of the singer being banned from Fox News for seemingly unrelated inappropriate behavior.

“Our lawyers are trying to identify who went on social media and said anything because I have the right to protect my name,” says Simmons of claims about his behavior in the offices of Fox News. “I mean right now I can say you did something crazy and it involved a twelve-year-old boy or whatever, and I can post that on media, your life is ruined.”

When asked about some of the stories that have emerged during the #MeToo movement, Simmons suggested that there’s a danger to making such claims on social media and that the legal system is the proper alternative.
Ever since the Left became a specifically defined entity in the French Revolution Reign of Terror aftermath, Leftist purges have been popular with the Atheist, Marxist Leftists. Starting with the guillotine on wheels, the Left has enthusiastically purged those who do not share their beliefs. In modern days it started up again with the AtheoLeftist evolution heresy purges, primarily in universities and museums. It spread with political correctness becoming pseudo-legal thought control, not just in universities but also in corporations and the Leftist Democrat Party.

As political correctness started to shun Classes in the Marxist Class War, men as a class have become villains due to their non-feminist gender (gender doesn't exist, except for men), and skin color: whites - especially white men in particular are designated as evil patriarchical beneficiaries of privilege.

So the Leftist urge to purge is directed at men, without any need for evidence ("believe the women!"). Yet believing the women is difficult in light of their propensity to take a bag of money to shut up, or to have gotten good jobs as payment for their silence as conspirators.

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