Sunday, December 31, 2017

You White? Uh Oh.

From The Comments:
Why don't they just cut to the chase & tell us we should all just kill ourselves?

Number ten is why I’m reclaiming “nigger” as the white man’s word.

Lol why bother then? Why not just become a full on racist and be done with it?

When in doubt it's best to play it safe and consider yourself a racist.

Could have saved a lot of time just reading 10 and disregarding 1-9.

You know, if all white people are still racist "no matter what" then their own logic there is no reason for us to stop being racist. In fact, it's very "race realist" in a way, since the white race is apparently genetically destined to be racists. How ironic.

Good old number 10 reminds us of the futility of dealing with SJW's except with dogs and firehoses.

2. Stop making places nicer. Let them stay shanty towns with dirt lawns and businesses with metal bars on the Windows because of how much crime there is in the area.
Not that it matters, here's a little logic analysis:

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Steve said...

Whoever made that list is stupid, but so are the comments. #10 is the worst. They should have said we're all biased, White or not, that's just a fact.