Thursday, January 4, 2018

Google & Me

Google took away my blog privileges on Dec 31. Reason stated: my password changed 4 months ago. I had just posted the item just below. So I know that my password was working then.

Today Google returned my blogging and email privileges.

It's a strange feeling when you are completely cut off like that, and it has prompted me to at least think about a personal website/blog with no relationship with the gargantuan guardians of communication. I need to look for a host, though, or a way to host it myself.


Steven Satak said...

James Damore might sympathize with you.

Seriously, the company Google is shot through and rotten with corrupt Leftists. They screen new hires for ideological 'fit' and harass any employee suspected of conservative leanings.

It would not surprise me in the least to discover your loss of privilege was the result of some faceless Google moderator deciding that he/she was going to show fellow Leftists his power, do a fellow Leftist a favor (you have certainly pissed more than a few of them off in the past few years) and rub it in your stinking Nazi fantasy-Jesus-believing face - all at the same time.

So yeah, find someplace else to do your blog. Or don't - it's a lot of work to move. You're never going to get satisfaction or even an explanation from Google.

Unknown said...

You might consider Jekyll (static generator) publishing on Github or Google Cloud...the cost is free. All you'd need is a custom URL.