Monday, February 12, 2018

It's Good That The Sun Has 'No Appreciable Effect On Global Warming' As They've 'Splained To Us...

...otherwise this would knock those computer graphs back somewhat.
The sun is going to be really cool in 2050, scientists say

By 2050, that big burning ball of gas is going to be unusually cool, according to a study from the University of California San Diego.

Based on 20 years of data collection and observations, a research team led by physicist Dan Lubin calculated that the sun will be 7% cooler — and dimmer — by the mid-century.


Xellos said...

Headlines in 2030: "Massive cooling incoming, the Sun is dying!" "We need a new solar tax!"

Robert Coble said...

The reason the sun will be 7% cooler is - wait for it - global warming of the earth due to carbon emissions.

Don't believe THAT? Then you MUST believe the computer models because - SCIENCE!

Mother Gaia has decreed it, and His Phoniness The Prophet Al Gore has revealed that information to the faithful.

Morons still gonna be morons in 2050, regardless.

Stan said...

Wow! I just got it! Earth is sucking all the heat out of the sun, and will turn into Sun2.

How could I not see it? It's soooo obvious! And it's the butterfly effect, too - mow your grass (which absorbs CO2) and it causes the earth to go solar.

Polar bears will have to mutate into Solar bears. Where's my gene splicer?