Sunday, February 11, 2018

Leftist Cop-Haters Gotta Hate

Socialist students protest memorial to fallen police officers
Here's their concern: blacks and browns killed by cops don't get any memorials, so cops being valued higher than them is wrong.

But the entire premise is... *surprise*... wrong, both factually and logically. Factually, cops are killed by people we shall call "bad guys". Some bad guys are white, some are black and some are brown. Fallen cops are those murdered while on the job.

Logically, the Left has no concern for blacks who daily kill each other, or browns who kill each other - not to mention any whites these classes also kill, so it is irrational to single out cops, especially those who are actually trying to reduce the internecine killing, and wind up killed by those people who need to be controlled. If you don't care about blacks dying of gunshot or stabbings, then you don't actually care about blacks dying, period.

As for memorials, the iconic blacks killed while attacking cops frequently get memorials lasting even decades.

The hatred of cops stems from the hatred of law and self-control in a civil society, period. They want no restrictions on themselves, which is why they want to control a completely socialized society: that would allow them total freedom from all restraint. These folks are scofflaws and are potential criminals, themselves. It wouldn't be surprising to find that many of them actually are criminals.

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